Arrival and departure

Teams are required to arrive at Marlborough on Saturday 19th October for 8.00am in preparation for an 8.30am kickoff. There will be a coaches briefing at 8.10am Parking will be clearly signposted on arrival at Marlborough.


The tournament will be held on several areas of the school’s football pitches, which are clearly visible on entry to the Marlborough campus. One additional pitch will be a dedicated warm-up area. Finally, there will be a tent assigned to each school on the pitch sides.

Age Groups

All players should be born on or before:
– 31 July 2001 for the U18 tournament.
– 31 July 2004 for the U15 tournament.
– 31 July 2006 for the U13 tournament.
– 31 July 2008 for the U11 tournament.
We will take into consideration player slightly out of age group

Lightning procedure

Lightning is indicated by a siren and a flashing light from the lightning alarm system. All players will be directed to the main sports hall, where they will remain until the all-clear signal from the lightning alarm has sounded and the Tournament Director has advised play can continue. If there is a significantly prolonged delay, a coaches meeting will be called and a decision about proceeding will be agreed.


The College has excellent security. However, coaches should ensure all valuables are stored away safely and remain in the tents provided for each school.


There will be food available to purchase from a variety of vendors on the day.


Schools should remind all players to bring a water bottle that can be refilled from the water dispensers provided. There will also be a refreshment stall available to all participants, staff and parents.

Medical treatment

There will be paramedics on hand throughout the tournament. In addition to this, Marlborough nurses will assist in treating the players. In the event of a serious injury participants will be taken to Gleneagles Hospital, therefore, coaches require all necessary player contact details and documents for insurance purposes. Players without insurance must have adequate funds to cover any expenses incurred.

Hotel information

Hotel Granada Johor Bahru

Address: 55, Jalan Indah 15/2, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Tel: +607-231 8888
Fax: +607-231 8889


Balls and equipment

Teams are to bring balls for practice between matches and warm ups. Match balls will be provided.


Rules of play – All FIFA rules and regulations are in force as applicable for 7-a-side.

1. Number of participants

  • 7 players on the pitch at any one time, unlimited substitutes
  • 2 coaches

2. Pitch

  • the pitch size will be full size as per regulation 7-a-side football (7-a-side for Girls)
  • all pitches used will be the same size
  • the goal size will be full size as per regulation 7-a-side football

3. The tournament will be played over one day, with varying formats for each age (please refer to the schedule).

4. All matches will consist of 1 period of 15 minutes (7 mins – 1 min half time).

5. 3 points for a win; 1 point for a draw

If teams are tied on points scored at the end of the round robin stage their position will be decided by:

  • head to head
  • goals difference between tied teams
  • goals scored between tied teams
  • goals against between tied teams
  • once a tie-break has been resolved additional ties will be resolved in the same format using the same sequence of procedures beginning with the head to head result

6. Kick-offs are indirect

7. Rolling subs

8. Violations

  • Yellow card – if a player gets a 2nd yellow card they miss the next match.
  • Red card – if received, the player automatically misses the following match. The Tournament Director has the authority to suspend the player for the remainder of the tournament if deemed necessary.

9. If playoff games are tied and teams have not previously played then the game will go to penalties.
If the teams have previously played in the tournament and there was a winner, this team will go through without penalties being played.

10. Tournament Director will have the final decision on any disagreements with a referees decision.

Groups Attending

U11 Boys U11 Girls
Marlborough College Blues Marlborough College Blues
SK ST JOSEPH Marlborough College Reds
SK Taman Bukit Mewah Johor Bahru ANZA (A)
SK KG Pulai ANZA (B)
Kombat Fighter SC TBC
Sk Taman Selesa Jaya TBC
Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Selesa Jaya TBC
Sekolah Kebangsaan Polis Kem TBC
Full (2 Pools of 4) Knockout Stages
U13 Boys U13 Girls
Marlborough College Blues Marlborough College Blues
Taylor’s International School Puchong Marlborough College Reds
Kombat Fighter SC ISKL (B)
SK Taman Selesa Jaya ANZA (A)
Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Selesa Jaya ANZA (B)
Marlborough College Reds TBC

Full (2 Pools of 4) Knockout Stages

U15 Boys U15 & U18 Girls
Marlborough College Blues Marlborough College
SK Taman Bukit Mewah Johor Bahru GEMS World Academy (Singapore)
Taylor’s international school Puchong Taylor’s international school Puchong
SMK Bandar Uda Utama Marlborough College
SK ST Joseph Stamford American International School
Marlborough College Reds TBC

Full (2 Pools of 4) Knockout Stages

U18 Boys U15 & U18 Girls
Marlborough College Marlborough College
Stamford American International School UWCSEA Dover
GEMS World Academy (Singapore) GEMS World Academy (Singapore)
SMK Bandar Uda Utama Taylor’s international school Puchong
TBC Marlborough College
TBC Stamford American International School

Full (2 Pools of 4) Knockout Stages


Tournament Updates