Rules of play – All FIFA rules and regulations are in force as applicable for 11-a-side.

1. Number of participants

  • 11 players on the pitch at any one time, unlimited substitutes (7-a-side for Girls)
  • 2 coaches

2. Pitch

  • the pitch size will be full size as per regulation 11-a-side football (7-a-side for Girls)
  • all pitches used will be the same size
  • the goal size will be full size as per regulation 11-a-side football

3. The tournament will be played over one day, with varying formats for each age (please refer to the schedule).

4. All matches will consist of 1 period of 22 minutes (15minutes each way, 2 minute half-time for the Girls).

5. 3 points for a win; 1 point for a draw

If teams are tied on points scored at the end of the round robin stage their position will be decided by:

  • head to head</li)
  • goals difference between tied teams
  • goals scored between tied teams
  • goals against between tied teams
  • once a tie-break has been resolved additional ties will be resolved in the same format using the same sequence of procedures beginning with the head to head result

6. Kick-offs are indirect

7. Rolling subs

8. Violations

  • Yellow card – if a player gets a 2nd yellow card they miss the next match.
  • Red card – if received, the player automatically misses the following match. The Tournament Director has the authority to suspend the player for the remainder of the tournament if deemed necessary.

9. If playoff games are tied and teams have not previously played then the game will go to penalties.
If the teams have previously played in the tournament and there was a winner, this team will go through without penalties being played.

10. Tournament Director will have the final decision on any disagreements with a referees decision.