Thank you for participating in our inaugural Straits Cross Country.

Straits Cross Country Results

Tournament Results


Event Date: 5th October 2019

Please complete the Registration Form  to confirm your entry to the event.

Arrival and departure

Teams are required to arrive at Marlborough on Saturday 5th October from 8.00am onwards in preparation for an 8.30am course walk. There will be a marshalls briefing at 8.15am. Parking will be clearly signposted on arrival at Marlborough.

Route Map

Race Schedule

Race Schedule Distance Race Briefing Race Start
U9 – Boys 1k 8:45 9:00
U9 – Girls 1k 8:45 9:00
U11 – Boys 1.5k 9:00 9:15
U11 – Girls 1.5k 9:00 9:15
u13 – Boys 3k 9:30 9:45
u13 – Girls 3k 9:50 10:30
U15 – Girls 5K 10:15 10:30
O15 – Girls 5K 10:15 10:45
U15 – Boys 5K 11:00 11:15
O15 – Boys 5K 11:00 11:15

Age Groups

All players should be born on or before:

– O15 tournament (As long as they are currently in relevant education at the school).
– 31 July 2004 for the U15 tournament.
– 31 July 2006 for the U13 tournament.
– 31 July 2008 for the U11 tournament.
– 31 July 2010 for the U9 tournament.

Lightning Procedure

Lightning is indicated by a siren and a flashing light from the lightning alarm system. All players will be directed to the main sports hall, where they will remain until the all-clear signal from the lightning alarm has sounded and the Tournament Director has advised play can continue. If there is a significantly prolonged delay, a coaches meeting will be called and a decision about proceeding will be agreed.


The College has excellent security. However, coaches should ensure all valuables are stored away safely and remain in the tents provided for each school.


There will be food available to purchase from a variety of vendors on the day.


Schools should remind all players to bring a water bottle that can be refilled from the water dispensers provided. There will also be a refreshment stall available to all participants, staff and parents.

Medical treatment

There will be paramedics on hand throughout the tournament. In addition to this, Marlborough nurses will assist in treating the players. In the event of a serious injury participants will be taken to Gleneagles Hospital, therefore, coaches require all necessary player contact details and documents for insurance purposes. Players without insurance must have adequate funds to cover any expenses incurred.

Hotel information

Hotel Granada Johor Bahru

Address: 55, Jalan Indah 15/2, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Tel: +607-231 8888
Fax: +607-231 8889



All I.A.A.F. ( rules and regulations are in force, apart from the following Straits exceptions:

  • Disqualification

A runner is paced by any person other than another competitor in the race.

A runner receives assistance throughout the course from anyone other than those services that are provided, by the host school for all competitors.


Meet Organisation

A lane draw will be conducted.

  U9 U11 U13 U15 O15
Number in a team (per gender) 5 5 5 5 5
Number to score 5 5 5 5 5
Distance 1km 1.5km 3km 5km 5km
Organisation Age groups or genders can be run together if numbers and the venue allows. However, the host school should ensure that there is an effective system to separate the results so that all the various categories can be recognised.
Awards Medals awarded to the top individual runner in each category,

(i.e. Boy/Girl in U9, U11, U13, U15, O15, age groups).


Medals for the top 5 runners in the winning team in each category.



Each runner receives points equal to the position they finish, during the race (e.g. 1st place = 1 point).

The team score is figured by tabulating the team’s first five finishers’ points. The lowest score wins.

In the event of a tie, the position of the last-placed scoring runner shall determine the result.

Teams should be able to finish at least five runners to score. If the fifth runner is unable to finish, the fifth score will be that of the place following the final finisher in the race e.g. if there are 50 runners, the fifth score to be added is 51 points.


Age Groups

Please keep to Straits Age Restrictions.

Athletes may compete in the age group above.

If all age groups run on the same day, athletes can only run in one age group race – athletes may run in a higher age group but not an age group below.


Team sheet

Teams (names) must be submitted prior to competing in the race. Information sent in must be clearly labelled within the registration form, include the following information:

Name of school

Name of runner



The racecourse will predominately be set on the grass with a little road running section. This is to avoid conflict with traffic and to ensure air quality.



Each team member is encouraged to wear the same uniform top. Shorts may be different. The team uniform must be worn throughout the race.



Direction indicators and officials will be placed at intervals throughout the course and whenever deemed necessary for the safety of the runners.

Cut Off Time (O15)

For the O15 School race, if a runner exceeds a time of 40 minutes (boys) and 45 minutes (girls), then their time will not be recorded and they will be declared a DNF. 

A DNF cannot score for their team.


Lightning Policy – adopt the policy that if the lightening alarm is heard everyone clears (preferably into buses or sports hall).

First aid tent on-site

Participating schools should:

Bring their own water bottles to refill from the water containers

All schools to please bring a first aid kit

Teams Competing


U9 B U9G
Marlborough College Marlborough College
U11B U11G
Marlborough College Marlborough College
U13B U13G
Marlborough College Marlborough College
SMK Seri Pulai Perdana
U15B U15G
Marlborough College Marlborough College
O15B O15G
Marlborough College Marlborough College

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