Straits Rugby 10s 2023, U11/U12/U14/U16/U18

2nd December 2023



Marlborough College Malaysia is pleased to announce that it will be hosting our ninth annual Straits Trophy 10-a-side rugby tournament. The event will take place on Saturday 2nd December 2023 and due to popular demand most age groups are already full. 


The Straits Trophy aims to bring together rugby teams from Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Singapore and to provide an equal balance of teams from these areas. We will have competition at U11, U12, U14, U16 and U18 levels. 


The tournament will be held across eight of the school rugby pitches, which are clearly visible on entry to the Marlborough campus. There will also be a map provided to help you orientate yourself to the correct pitch.

Arrival and departure

Teams are required to arrive at Marlborough on Saturday 2nd December 2023 from 7.30am in preparation for a 8.00am kick off.  The last game of the tournament is scheduled to finish at 2.50pm.

Balls and equipment

Teams are to bring balls for practice and warm-ups, match balls will be provided.


There will be reasonably priced food available to purchase from a variety of vendors on the day. Food can be purchased with Malaysian Ringgit, please note that cash will be the only form of payment accepted.


Schools should remind all players to bring a water bottle that can be refilled from the water dispensers provided. There will also be a refreshment stall available to all participants, staff and parents. Sports drinks, tea and coffee is available to purchase on site. No alcohol is to be brought onto the campus.  


The College has excellent security, however, coaches should ensure all valuables are stored safely. The College will hold no responsibility for loss or damage of valuables.

Lightning procedure

Lightning is indicated by a siren and a flashing light from the lightning alarm system. All players will be directed to the main dining hall, where they will remain until the all-clear signal from the lightning alarm has sounded and the Tournament Director has advised play can continue. If there is a significantly prolonged delay, a coaches meeting will be called and a decision about proceeding will be agreed.


Please follow parking directions and ensure that no one is blocked in. There is limited parking on site and security will direct you to the closest off-site street parking Buses are to drop pupils off and park outside the site.


There are plenty of toilets and portaloos on site, so please follow the signs or ask any of the hosting staff for guidance. They will be cleaned on an hourly basis however if you feel they are not up to standard then please inform a member of staff immediately so that we can rectify the problem.

Valuables and Belongings

Marlborough College Malaysia accepts no liability for any loss, damage or theft. Please be vigilant with your belongings.

Medical treatment

There will be paramedics on hand throughout the tournament.

In addition to this, Marlborough nurses will assist in treating the players, the team should bring assistant coaches or volunteers to take more serious cases to hospital, for a second opinion.

The school uses:

Columbia Asia Hospital: Persiaran Afiat, Taman Kesihatan Afiat, 79250 Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia.
Gleneagles Hospital: Lebuhraya Sultan Iskandar, Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Hotel information

Teams could be based in the 4-star hotel in Sunway City, Iskandar Puteri. Located in Iskandar Puteri, the hotel is only five minutes drive from the College and this area does not suffer from traffic congestion thus ensuring that transfers between the two venues will be swift and smooth.



Safety Notice: Protective clothing is optional but gumshield must be worn in our schools tournament

All players should be born on or after

U11 – Player must have been born after 31st July 2012
U12 – Player must have been born after 31st July 2011
U14 – Players must have been born after 31st July 2009
U16 – Players must have been born after 31st July 2007
U18 – Players must have been born after 31st July 2005

10-a-side : U18, U16, U14 & U12 & U11

U11, U12, U14 One straight through 10 minute game.
U16 and U18 Two 8 minute halves with a 90 second half time. All games will be a running clock.
Each squad to comprise (up to) 15 players.

IRB Youth Laws apply with the following exceptions:

The scrum to be formed by 5 players in the conventional formation.
All scrums on the instruction of the referee: (Crouch – Bind – Set)
If a coach does not feel that his side can safely conduct contested scrums he/she may request that scrums become uncontested. This may be due to a lack of preparation time or due to injuries to trained scrummagers.
Except for U11 – only hooker to contest, scrum but no push

We will aim to maximise game play for all teams.

The lineouts will be:
All Lineouts will follow IRB law.

Rolling substitutions allowed but this must be done through the Referee.

Team Colours: if the Referee decides there is a colour clash, the team named first in the programme is obliged to change.

The Winner of each pool will be the team with the most league points, 3 points – win, 1 point – draw. If these are equal then the positions will be decided by:

  • the team with the best points difference
  • tries scored
  • the result between the two teams concerned in their group match
  • the toss of a coin

The Tournament Director reserves the right to give the final judgement on the Competition Rules.

In the event of a sending-off, the player is not allowed to play for the remainder of the Tournament.

The team that scores will restart after a drop-kick conversion.

In the event of a draw in the KO stage then;
(i) Most converted tries wins
(ii) First to have scored

Code of conduct (Players): It is crucial that all the laws of the game are met on the day. We expect to see sportsmanship demonstrated in every match, and the referee’s decision is final. Please show respect to the referees throughout the day, and to the coaches.

Code of conduct (Coaches): The coaches have a very busy day and must remain in control of their team from the moment they arrive until they depart. Please ensure that players are a) of the correct age, b) on time to each match c) fully prepared to play i.e. they are wearing correct clothing, mouth guards, sun tan lotion and are fully hydrated throughout the day. Please also be respectful and helpful towards referees and other coaches.

Code of conduct (Parents): It is important that parents set a good example to the players and get the tone right. Please stand back from the pitch and allow the coaches and referees to do their job, without being challenged. Any parents not following the conduct will be asked to leave the pitch side by the pitch marshall.

Tournament Map

Pitch Map










For live schedules please use the Straits App.