1. All players should be born on or before:
– 31 August 2004 for the U14 tournament.
– 31 August 2006 for the U12 tournament.

2. Each squad to comprise of (up to) 12 players.

IRB Youth Laws apply with the following exceptions:

3. The scrum to be formed by 3 players in the conventional front row formation.
– U14 Contested, Push and hook. (Penalty offence if scrum is pushed more than 1m)
– U12 Bind no contest.
– All scrums on the instruction of the referee: (Crouch – Bind – Set)

4. Duration of the games is 7 minutes each way. There will be a 2-minute interval between halves.

5. The lineout will be:
– U14 Contested, No lift (both teams must be 10m back from the lineout)
– U12 Uncontested, No lift (both teams must be 7m back from the lineout)

6. Rolling substitutions allowed but this must be done through the Referee.

7. Team Colours: if the Referee decides there is a colour clash, the team named first in the programme is obliged to change.

8. The Winner of each group will be the team with the most points scored, 3 points – win, 1 point – draw. If these are equal then the positions will be decided by:

(i) the team with the best points difference

(ii) tries scored

(iii) the result between the two teams concerned in their group match

(iv) the toss of a coin

9. The Tournament Director reserves the right to give the final judgement on the Competition Rules.

10. In the event of a sending-off, the player is not allowed to play for the remainder of the Tournament.

11. The team that scores will restart after a drop-kick conversion.

12. In the event of a draw in the KO stage then;

(i) Most converted tries wins (U12 Golden try zone).

(ii) First to have scored.