Rules and Regulations

Straits Trophy Rugby 10s Tournament


The Straits Trophy aims to bring together teams from Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Singapore; we hope to provide an equal balance of teams from these areas. We will have competition for U10, U11, U12, U13, U14 and U16. When all spaces have been filled, a waiting list will be created and communicated with the team’s director.


The required age cut offs for each age group will be for players born on or after the dates below:


1st July 2002 – U16

1st July 2004 – U14

1st July 2006 – U12

1st July 2007 – U11

1st July 2008 – U10

1st July 2009 – U9


Special dispensation can be granted if all relevant documentation is completed and sent to the Tournament Director by the 14 January 2019.

Address: Jalan Marlborough, Puteri Iskandar, Johor, Malaysia, 79200

  1. Registration on Match day: All teams may arrive from 08:00. The first match will start at 08:30.


  1. Squad size: All matches are 10 a side and squads can be up to 15 players (only 15 medals are provided per team). There will be 5 forwards and 5 backs.
  2. Referee: For U10 – U16 we will be paying external referees to manage the games.
  3. Touch Judge: We would like one coach on the sideline to act as the touch judge and assist the referee with non-bias decisions. It is important that they are there to assist and follow the code of conduct.
  4. Kick-off: The first named team will kick-off and the 2nd name team will choose the end. There are no half times.
  5. Scoring a try: For U10-U12 there will be a ‘Golden Box Try’ which is worth 7 points, all other tries are worth 5 points. For U13, U14 & U16s each try is worth 5 points and a drop kick will be taken (in line with the try scored).
  6. Results: At the end of each game the referee will write down the score of the match and both coaches will countersign. The results will then be passed back to the pitch marshall. If a coach does not sign the form, they will not be allowed to appeal the decision.
  7. Points per game: 4 points will be awarded for a win (or walk over- 28-0), 2 points for a draw, 1 point for a loss.
  1. Substitutions: The rules for rolling subs will occur, however it is polite to inform the referee of substitutions. It is your own responsibility to ensure that only ten players of your team are playing at once.
  2. Timing: The pitch marshall will control timings. Once they sound the horn the next time there is a stoppage in play the referee will blow for full time. A penalty will not stop play, but it must be taken quickly with a tap from the mark.
  3. Timings and walkovers: It is extremely important that each team is ready to start the game on time. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that they have 10 players ready to start each game promptly. The teams should arrive on pitch side 5 minutes before the start of their match. If a team is 5 minutes late of the start time or does not show, then a walkover will be given to the team that is there (28-0). This decision will be made by the pitch marshall and may not be challenged by a coach.
  4. Scoring at the end of the pool stages/round robin: The team with the most match points will win. If there is an instance when their match points draw, then their position in the table will be decided:
  • Head-to-head.
  • First try scored in the head-to-head.
  • Total points difference.
  • Coin toss (best of 3 – Tournament Director and Captains).
  1. Scoring at the end of knock out stages: If at full time there is a draw between the teams playing, then there will be a 1 minute break. In this time the team will drop to 7-a-side format. The game will then turn into GOLDEN TRY, meaning the next team to score will win. The team that did not have kick-off in the main game will have the kick-off. Teams will remain down the same end.
  1. Presentations: It is compulsory for all home sides to support other teams until the end of the day. The presentations will take place after the final match has finished and you will be directed to a location for the presentation by the pitch marshalls. Location will be by Pitch 4, please avoid walking on the athletics track with your boots.
  1. Code of conduct (Players): It is crucial that all the laws of the game are met on the day. We expect to see sportsmanship demonstrated in every match, and the referee’s decision is final. Please show respect to the referees throughout the day, and to the coaches.
  2. Code of conduct (Coaches): The coaches have a very busy day and must remain in control of their team from the moment they arrive until they depart. Please ensure that players are a) of the correct age, b) on time to each match c) fully prepared to play i.e. they are wearing correct clothing, mouth guards, sun tan lotion and are fully hydrated throughout the day. Please also be respectful and helpful towards referees and other coaches.
  3. Code of conduct (Parents): It is important that parents set a good example to the players and get the tone right. Please stand back from the pitch and allow the coaches and referees to do their job, without being challenged. Any parents not following the conduct will be asked to leave the pitch side by the pitch marshall.
  1. Photography: There will be two Marlborough College staff members taking photos. Parents and coaches are also allowed to take pictures of their own players. A maximum of one drone can be used per pitch, however the drone must be kept at a minimum height of 20m. If the pitch marshall is unhappy with the use of a drone, then it is their right to ban further use.
  2. First aid: In the first instance of an injury the players’ coach should administer first aid. If they need further assistance, then there are three first aid nurses on sight (under clearly marked tents). A paramedic will be on sight for extreme cases. If a pupil needs an X-Ray or hospital treatment, then the players’ coach or a parent should be responsible for driving them there.



  • Gleneagles Hospital (2, Jalan Medini Utara 4, Medini 79250, Nusajaya, Johor +6075601000)
  • Columbia Asia (Persiaran Afiat, Taman Kesihatan Afiat, 79250, Nusajaya, Johor).

All pupils should have identification with them in order to seek medical attention without delay.


  1. Lightning: In the event of a lightning storm all personnel are advised to take cover. U10-U16 teams will be directed towards the Prep Sports Hall. The tournament director will meet with the pitch marshalls and holds the sole decision in calling a halt to the tournament. If play continues then timings will be adjusted.


Summary of Rules:


Age group U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U16
Format/(Squad) 10’s (15) 10’s (15) 10’s (15) 10’s (15) 10’s (15) 10’s (15)
Pitch Size 50m x 30m 55m x 35m 60m x 40m 90m x 60m 90m x 60m 100m x 70m
Ball Size 4 4 4 4 4 5
Kick off Drop Kick- Team who conceded decides Drop Kick- Team who conceded decides Drop Kick- Team who conceded decides Drop Kick- Team who scored Drop Kick- Team who scored Drop Kick- Team who scored
Kicking in open play No (except restart) Yes with 22m area Yes with 22m area Yes within 22m area Yes Yes
Conversions No No No Drop Kick Drop Kick Drop Kick
Scrums 5 forwards contested – No push 5 forwards contested – No push 5 forwards contested – Push 5 forwards contested – Push 5 forwards contested – Push 5 forwards contested – Push
Offside at scrum 3m 3m 3m 3m 5m 5m
Lineouts    (Player No.) (4) No compete (4) No compete (4) No lift/ compete (4) No lift/ compete (4) No lift/ compete (4) Lifting competitive
Quick L/O No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offside L/O 5m 7m 7m 7m 10m 10m
Hand off No Yes – Body Yes – Body Yes – Body Yes Yes
Quick Pens Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes