Straits Senior Netball Trophy 2019 (U14 U16 U18)

Rules & Regulations

The Straits Trophy aims to bring together teams from Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Singapore; we hope to provide an equal balance of teams from these areas. We will have competition for U14,  U16 and U18

The required age cut-offs for each age group will be for players born on or after the dates below:

1st July 2000 – U18

1st July 2002 – U16

1st July 2004 – U14

Special dispensation can be granted if all relevant documentation is completed and sent to the Tournament Director by the 20th February 2019.

Address: Jalan Marlborough, Puteri Iskandar, Johor, Malaysia, 79200

Registration on Match day: 08:00.

Coaches meeting: 08:10

Start of tournament: 08:30

End of tournament: 14:30 approx



1              RULES OF PLAY: MCM will follow the England Netball rules


2              BALLS AND BIBS

2.1           MCM will provide a size five- (5) netball for match play, teams to bring their own training balls.

2.2           Each school must have two sets of different coloured bibs per team

2.3           All players must wear positional bibs with playing initials on the front and back.


3              CENTRAL TIMING

3.1           Central timing, normally sounded by a hooter or a bell, will be used, but matches will start and   finish on the Umpire’s whistle.

3.2           The hooter / bell will sound at the beginning and end of an interval.


4          OFFICIALS

4.1        For U14 – U18 we will be paying external umpires to manage the games.


5              START OF PLAY

5.1           Captains should toss for centre pass etc. well before the start of play.

5.2           All teams must be on court, in position and ready to play, at the time and on the court stated in

the playing schedule.

5.3           No team may start a match with less than five (5) players.

5.4           Any team late on court may forfeit their match points.   Any decision/action will be taken by   the tournament referee/committee member(s) on the day.



6.1           Due to shortness of the tournament substitutions may only be made for an injury during play and the player must go into the vacated position. No other substitutions or team changes by

either team may be made at this time.

6.2           Substitutions and team changes may be made at half time.

6.3           Substitutions and team changes must be notified to the umpires and opposing team.

6.4           No extra time can be allowed for an accident: however, if a player is unable to be moved from the court, both umpires should note the time lost and notify the tournament referee who will make a decision on the course of action to be taken.


7               SCORING AND RESULTS

7.1           Captains must check the scores with both umpires.

7.2           Points will be awarded as follows:

5 points for a win

3 points for a draw

1 point to the losing team

7.3           In the event of a tie on points, goal average will decide placing (goals for divided by goals against).

7.4           If goal average is drawn goal difference will be applied (the difference between goals for and goals against).

7.5           If goal difference is drawn the result of the group match between the two teams will be the decider.

7.6          In the event of a further draw the team with the most goals for will be adjudged the winner

7.7        In the event of a tie after 7.6 – a 7 minute playoff will decide the winner, if this is still a tie, play will continue without a break until the next goal is scored.

7.8          In the final – in the event of a draw at full time, extra time of 3 minutes each way will be played, changing over at half time without a break.  In the event of a draw at full time, play will continue without a break until the next goal is scored.


8           SAFETY

8.1           Staff are responsible for ensuring that no player has long fingernails (all fingernails MUST be

short and smooth), or are wearing jewellery

8.2           Medic Alert Bracelet must be suitably strapped.

8.3           Headscarves, if worn for religious purposes, must be neat and secure.  Staff should ensure that the material used is soft and without embellishment.

8.4           Hair must be suitably tied back.

8.5           Knee braces must be of the padded type or be covered by a bandage.

8.6           Umpires will request any player not confirming to these rules to leave the court and remedy the matter.  The player may only return with the umpire’s permission after a goal has been scored or at an interval.


9            FIRST AID / ACCIDENTS

9.1         In the first instance of an injury the players’ coach should administer first aid.

9.2       If they need further assistance, then there is a  first aid nurse on site (under clearly marked tents).

9.3       If a pupil needs an X-Ray or hospital treatment, then the players’ coach or a parent should be responsible for driving them there.


  • Gleneagles Hospital (2, Jalan Medini Utara 4, Medini 79250, Nusajaya, Johor +6075601000)
  • Columbia Asia (Persiaran Afiat, Taman Kesihatan Afiat, 79250, Nusajaya, Johor).



10.1      It is compulsory for all home sides to support other teams until the end of the day. The presentations will take place after the final match has finished.


11         CODE OF CONDUCT

11.1       Code of conduct (Players): It is crucial that all the rules of the game are met on the day. We expect to see sportsmanship demonstrated in every match, and the umpire’s decision is final. Please show respect to the umpires throughout the day, and to the coaches.

11.2      Code of conduct (Coaches): The coaches have a very busy day and must remain in control of their team from the moment they arrive until they depart. Please ensure that players are a) of the correct age, b) on time to each match c) fully prepared to play i.e. they are wearing correct clothing, sun tan lotion and are fully hydrated throughout the day. Please also be respectful and helpful towards umpires and other coaches.

11.3      Code of conduct (Parents): It is important that parents set a good example to the players and get the tone right. Please stand back from the court and allow the coaches and umpires to do their job, without being challenged. Any parents not following the conduct will be asked to leave the court side by the court marshall.


12         PHOTOGRAPHY

12.1      There will be two Marlborough College staff members taking photos. Parents and coaches are also allowed to take pictures of their own players.


13         LIGHTNING

13.1      In the event of a lightning storm all personnel are advised to take cover. Teams will be directed towards the Sports Hall. The tournament director will meet with the pitch marshalls and holds the sole decision in calling a halt to the tournament. If play continues then timings will be adjusted.