Arrival and departure

Teams are required to arrive at Marlborough on Saturday 12th March for 8.15am in preparation for a 9.00am start. There will be a coaches briefing at 8.30am Parking will be clearly signposted on arrival at Marlborough.

The tournament is scheduled to finish at 3.30pm


The tournament will be held on MCM cricket pitch, which is clearly visible on entry to the Marlborough campus. There will be a tent assigned to each school around the pitch as wel as dedicated spectator tents.

Lightning procedure

Lightning is indicated by a siren and a flashing light from the lightning alarm system. All players will be directed to the main sports hall, where they will remain until the all-clear signal from the lightning alarm has sounded and the Tournament Director has advised play can continue. If there is a significantly prolonged delay, a coaches meeting will be called and a decision about proceeding will be agreed.


The College has excellent security. However, coaches should ensure all valuables are stored away safely and remain in the tents provided for each school.


Food will be provided by MCM on the day of the tournament for all players, coaches and spectators.


Schools should remind all players to bring a water bottle that can be refilled from the water dispensers provided. There will also be a refreshment stall available to all participants, staff and parents.

Medical treatment

Marlborough nurses will assist in treating the players in the result of any injuries. Any injuries requiring further medical assistance will be dealt with at Glen Eagles Hospital. In the event of a serious injury, coaches require all necessary player contact details and documents for insurance purposes; players without insurance must have adequate funds to cover any expenses incurred.