Marlborough College Malaysia hosted its second International Rugby 10s competition on Saturday. This year forty-five teams from all over Singapore and Kuala Lumpur arrived bright and early to engage in a wonderful day of competitive matches.

The eight immaculate pitches mirrored the high standard of rugby. The spectators observed the U10s learning and competing (some for the first time) through to the U16s demonstrating an elevated calibre of rugby.

The will and determination shown by the U10 team was evident from their first pool game, right through to the final whistle. Our U11s played quick rugby and were able to turnover their opponents regularly. They received silver medals, after narrowly missing out in the final.

Both U12 and U13 teams developed throughout the day and are looking more confident for their journey to Kuala Lumpur next month. The fast footwork from the backs drew in the biggest crowds of the day, and this atmosphere only heightened the quality of rugby. However, at this age group there is no such thing as an easy game.

On the U14 pitch all teams battled together in a close-fought competition, however Marlborough showed great ball retention and the team was rewarded coming 1st overall. This team has now won two major rugby tournaments back to back.

The U16 team was also victorious on the day. The final match summarised what a truly magnificent day it was at the College. In the first half there were many big tackles, but after every encounter both teams helped each other up. In the second half Marlborough seemed to peak in front of the home crowd and ran away with it to receive the winning title.

On every pitch it was noted that the spirit of rugby was at its best and there is already discussion regarding hosting the third 10s competition at Marlborough College Malaysia next year.

Mr A J Halls
Director of Prep School Sport